Where’s Music Finds #20?

Where’s Music Finds #20?

It’s a justified question.
So far I’ve managed to present my musical finds in a somewhat fashionable manner each week for 19 weeks, but this past Wednesday I didn’t.

Some weeks have been easy, some have been more difficult. I could easily count the days that I’ve spoken with SaSa about our schedules and thoughts of posting about music, me being pleased that she had her schedule of “K-pop Monday” on Mondays so I could be reminded of the days to come in start of the week, an extra notification to prepare for Wednesday.

And isn’t that the days to come, is what we look forward to. 

But, where is this weeks update? Not here, as you can see.
I forgot, yet not really. Like Mr. Presley said, it was on my mind. Yesterday (Wednesday) I was noticed as usual about the deadline, but were interrupted by the things and thoughts  of life. A pure decision based on prioritization.
Living should be fun, and posting should be fun. I will never, ever, force myself to post “because I need to“.
And to have fun, you need a bit of time.

This shall not be seen as an apology, just an explanation. Like you all, I also have times when other responsibilities and duties, as well as self-preservation calls – and should be answered.  You may have noticed that the activities of this blog have been lower than usual the last weeks – that is not permanent. Working behind the scenes just takes time, time I can not spend in the public light of this blog, not just yet.

So please look forward to the next post of Music Finds for a little longer, and if you’re too hungry for new music to wait, let me introduce the archives of previous finds found below!

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