What’s new?

In my attempt to blog more regular, here’s a quick round up of what have been going on lately. In a somewhat, but not at all perfect, chronological mess.

I released a new song, called 「SORROW」


It was K‘s birthday the weekend after, so me, Freddie and Yoru celebrated her. It was a fun time with a drinks, games, and later on also bowling. I collected a bunch of video-clips from the evening/night, which you can see in my video below. Since there is a little bit of Swedish talking going on, I made English subs available, in case you’re curious about what we say.


Since we’re already speaking about videos, I could also mention that I’ve uploaded some more (beside those two above) to my YouTube-channel.
I highly suggest that you subscribe, as there’s a bunch of content to be released the next couple of weeks.

Anyhow, sometime along this weekend I became sick and that really set me off. I finally felt more like myself again about a week ago. It’s not often that I get ill, but when I do, it tend to be quite overwhelmingly ill.

I’ve released a couple of new SophistiGance items! Last weekend I offered free shipping to anyone who bought jewelry. It went very well, and I’m so very happy for the people who spread the word, and those who bought from me.

Fleur de lis                                                            ChaiX Cross necklace – 25 $
PIN – 10$                                                                     Cross Earring (pair) – 11 $
EARRING (pair) – 16$

Speaking of Sophistigance, I’m about to do a slight redesign of this website and add a proper section about SophistiGance, how to order, complete price-listing and product shots, and so on.
Until then, you can read more here.

Other things that happened:

Me and Yoru was casted for the remake of Starsky & Hutch


I ate one of my favorite seasonal meals – mustard hearing.


K gave me a cute brooch

I got some new Sex Pot Revenge
sexpot revenge areku


I drew whatever this is:




In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Squirtle. So I was pleased to find a couple of new cards I didn’t already have in my collection. According to my chart, I now only am missing 6 card of the total 19.
However, that’s the English cards. I really want to have all the Japanese editions as well..



Speaking of missing, I really do miss SaSa, who’s studying in Japan at the moment.

A bit late, but I changed the cover photos on my Twitter and Facebook-profiles. Since 2013 I’ve been doing this seasonal theme at my pages, and this is “Spring”. Right in time when summer is just around the corner..



On the 2th of May, I payed respect to one of my biggest inspirations.
Gone but not forgotten.


Since I’m soon to upgrade my little home recording enviroment, I made a collage of how it have looked like over the years.

..and I got a Game Boy. About 26 years after the rest of the world. I am to replace the screen protector, apply back-light, and a pro sound mod. Hopefully I can soon get my hands on a flash cartridge to stark working with some homebrews.


Oh right, I also made a video about records that influenced me. In case you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out right below.
Thank you for reading!

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