What’s in my camera bag?

Inspired by SaSa’s “What’s in my make-up bag?” and the countless photographers “Looks what’s in my camera bag”, I decided to do a deep-dive into my own bag of choice – my camera bag!

To start off, I’m not even using a traditional camera bag, since I sold mine a couple of years ago. Instead, I use this trusty ol’ companion that you could fit most of the world into.

And what’s inside? Well most often it’s my Nikon paired with a M42 Pentacon 28mm f/2,7. That’s my-go solution for about 95% of all the shots I take.
In the image above you can see the most common combination of gear I would bring along for a little longer tour.
Beside the recently mentioned combo, I also carry a SLIK tripod, and a M42 Chinon 135mm f/2,8.
This setup covers 99% of my shots.
As you can see, I’m all in favor of shooting with primes. However, there’s time when you need something else, the 1% that is left.
That is when I break out the following gear:
IMG_8819 IMG_8818 IMG_8817

M42 Tokina 80-250 mm f/4.5, my own built super-macro, and a Minolta-to-Nikon Converted (by me) Makinon 80-200mm locked at f/4.5.

With these, I cover all of my shots so far.
What’s in you camera bag?

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