This week in summary

It’s already Sunday, and I since I haven’t updated my website as much as my social medias, I though that I’d sum up what I’ve been up to this past week. So with a cup of tea and the storm “Gorm” roaring outside, let’s start.

This past Monday I went on two meetings, and also had the time to take a solitude “fika” at an old nearby cafe.
The meetings was successful, and if everything works out now as planned, it would mean that I’ll in 2016 have greater funds to make even better art, but also be educated in some of the fields I strive to become better at.  I won’t tell you more as of now, as everything isn’t 100% done. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll keep you posted.

This was the first week in 3 months that I’ve had pretty much an open schedule, so I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. Photographic, things related to the website, and some new projects coming up, but the most important thing to focus on have been new songs for my band AVALINITY, and continue on my next solo-release. Musically, there’s a lot happening right now. With my solo stuff, I have a couple of songs that I wish to release soon. They’re in different states right now, ranging from mixed and soon mastered, to  some that are only recorded. I still haven’t decided on a release-date, though there will be something released before the end of 2015.
With AVALINITY, we’ve been working hard all year, even more since SaSa came back from Japan. We’re now rehearsing and writing new songs, and planning for what we’ll do in 2016.

On Thursday I went to the cinemas with SaSa to see the last installment of the Hunger Games-series. Haven’t had so much fun during one evening in a while! We got the whole back row to ourselves (!), which was good as we spent the majority of the movie (silently) commentating and trying to remember what the whole plot was.
I came in contact with the HG-series back in the days when SaSa and I studied at the same school (possibly she even introduced me to the series, I don’t really remember haha) back in 2012, and I haven’t read the books since then, haha.
The movie in itself was pretty good, but it wouldn’t been near as fun without the great company.
I’m also going to just leave this here:

Friday was time for rehearsal!
While heading to the rehearsal-space, SaSa and I noticed that the city had turned on the lights of a giant deer that we saw they’d placed on a square the day before. It looks pretty great, don’t you think?

IMG_8615[1]The rehearsal was good and we really hope to share our latest works with you soon!

As I headed home, my buss never showed up, so I had to wait another hour for the next one.
Dear K was kind enough to wait with me for a while, and short after I was able to wait inside of the next buss. It still baffles me how a buss can just go up in smoke, as this have never happened before during my 5-6 years of traveling.

Saturday was pretty relaxed. Worked on some new videos that you’ll soon see up on my YouTube-channel.

And today I baked.
In Swedish they’re called “vita pepparkakor”, so I guess that translates to “white gingerbreads”. Though I’m far from sure that they’re actually called that in English, haha.
If you recognize them, and know the proper name, drop me a comment below.

Here they are:


A last question – have you begun decorating for the holidays? I’ve just begun ever so slightly.



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