It feels like I rarely write “blog”-blog posts, but the post this past Thursday about my shenanigans with SaSa, whet my appetite. So I thought I should fill you in what I’ve been up to during this weekend.
Friday began with sleeping after the adventures the day before. I took care of some business, then headed off to Volvo to attend the press-release of their new models the V90 and S90. The design was pretty sleek!

AREKU Volvo press release Volvo V90 and Volvo S90


I then boarded the train to Lund, as it was rehearsal with Avalinity! Since our run in the Livekarusellen-“tour” is now over, where finally back to working on our other songs. It feels great, since we’ve been playing the same four songs for about 2-3 months non-stop now.. Anyhow, we hope to bring you these other songs soon! I’m so excited for upcoming rehearsals!
Since our rehearsal ended at 10 PM, and I was home at around 11:15 PM, I didn’t really do much more creative stuff that day, as I was way to tired and soon after headed to bed.


Saturday was all about celebrating my fathers birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! This ment cake and cookies to the “eftermiddagsfika” and pizza/kebab for dinner (which is a long story, but it’s anyhow birthday tradition in my family). I also got the chance to work a little on this lens I recently bought at an auction. It needs some repairing, as the aperture blades are stuck wide open at f1.8.

Today, which is Sunday, I headed with my father to visit my grandparents grave. Since it’s soon Easter, we cleaned the grave and planted some fresh flowers. I don’t really remember my grandparents, since my fathers father died about three decades before I was even born(as he was born in the 1800’s), and my fathers mother died when I was about four, but I at least met her a couple of times.

After that we visited my aunt, since she lives nearby, for some coffee and chit-chat. Back home I’ve spent the rest of the day with editing. Due to my work, I make a load of videos (about 25-30 since I began at “The Company” in January), which have been very good for me in order to continue develop my editing- and producing-skills. I’ve recently felt quite excited about making new videos for my YouTube-channel (which I think you should subscribe to), so today I posted a new one. This is a semi-vlog, semi-AVC (AREKU Video Cavalcade, meaning a bunch of random videos in a row), and I think this might be the test-run for more frequent updates from my part. Have a look!

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