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Hello Internet!

First of all, I’m happy to see that people were very quick to embrace my idea with the #AREKUchallenge!
I’ve seen some great pictures, and with 20 days to go, I’m sure I’ll see tons more!
If you too want to participate and possible win a publication here on my blog, you can read more here (clickable link)!

A couple of days ago, I uploaded my Q&A-video.

I will probably do another one pretty soon since there’s coming new questions each day. I’m a big fan of Ryan Bruce‘s “FAQ Monday”, so I might try something similar.
Not once a week, but maybe twice?

But that’s not what I’m (really) going to talk about today!
I’ve been uploading to YouTube for a while (2012 states my account), but I haven’t really used the media continuous.
Mostly my utterly spontaneous uploads have been song teasers and miscellaneous clips. However, this past Christmas I announced that I would focus more on making videos during 2015, naming the figure “once a week”.
Turned out more to be once a month up until now, haha..
It would take a while, which I explained a bit in my “I’m back”-video (did I ever leave..?):

Mostly it was due to me focusing on getting this website going, which it is now with 700+ monthly readers.
I will of course work just as hard with this site forever, but I can now head over and get my YouTube-channel going.
The goal is to post at least one video per week, and so far I’ve been able to keep that up.
But today, I thought we would dig a bit in the archives, and take a look at some of the older videos I’ve made prior to 2015. A time when I pretty much used YouTube as a place to host videos, and not really anything more, opposed to now.
Let’s go!

First of is the oldest, at least that are currently available to the public – the Behind the Scenes of my band AVALINITY’s gig at the convention HarukaCon:2013

If you want to see the concert itself, you can head over to the AVALINITY Official YouTube!
Here’s a link to a playlist with videos from this gig:
It was a really fun gig, and I hope you’ll enjoy the backstage footage!

Here’s a short, with emphasis on short, film I made called Figment of Imagination. If you ever wanted to hear string music and watch me play chess against myself, then this is for you!

As I often got nice comments on my fluffy hair, together with questions about how I styled it, I made this little nifty video to show you how. I still follow the same procedure, though my hair is now a bit longer, and thicker.
I really should go see a hairdresser soon so I can style it again..

I made an ambitious, at least regarding camera-angles, cover/play through of my bands song “Children of the Universe”
(which you can listen to here:

And finally, a video of me undressing.

(oh okey, just loosen the tie. I almost got you there..!)

There are some more videos, like teasers for new songs that you’ll soon get to hear, but this was my picks of the day to highlight!
How many of these had you already seen?

Following my new schedule, there will be a new video posted this week. It’ll be me and K, doing a talk about some of our favorite records. I will not spoil to much, but artists like X-JAPAN, Dir en grey and MCR will be mentioned.
If you’re looking forward to that, then make sure to subscribe to my channel:,
and I will see you soon!

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