Updates on a rainy day

AREKU Avalinity ArekusandaaRemember when I said it sucks to be sick? Well, after I was done with that cold (around Monday last week) I fell ill with another cold.


Maybe it’s only fair since I’m getting sick so rarely, but it’s still annoying.
However, I’m starting to feel better now (again). I really hope I wont get another than, that would just be awful.. And I’m honestly tired on complaining on how tired I am, haha!

Anyhow.. Yesterday I registered an account at Mixi, which is mostly news towards my Japanese followers and readers. You can find my profile here: http://mixi.jp/show_profile.pl?id=64043128
It was a bit tricky, since one needs to have a Japanese number to receive the verification code. But my dear vocalist SaSa came to the rescue and lent me her phone-number.
So if you happens to have an account, add me!

In other news, today is a rainy day suitable for listening to The Smiths and Plastic Tree. Their music is sentimentally melancholic in a way that fits the weather superbly.
Also, the participants in my AREKU Challenge will begin getting feedback to their entries during this week, and THIS weekend, I’ll announce the winner!

Until my next update, I hope you all will have a good one!

AREKU Avalinity Arekusandaa

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