Underpass and graffiti


A few older pictures from an unknown city 

AREKU photo-1

AREKU photo-3

AREKU photo-2

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  • He doesn’t only do really nice landscapes, he does very poetical city photos too. Is there nothing you can’t see? This has me all, love this! <3 Oooh, that black and white and a colour splash in the middle.

    I'm not always a fan of graffiti art but that is epic. Onwards and upwards! And who don't like an upside down dinosaur skeleton? The hand is great, I seem to have a thing for hands; that one great detail about someone you just can't get enough of.

    I cannot help but wonder why I like old industrial buildings so much? I do, they seem to echo some kind of bizarre interest in me. Is it the decay? Is it the aesthetics? Not sure as of yet. Must be something since it's a pretty common motif on the covers of metal music. 

    The tunnel… Don't walk alone, wait for me at the lit stairs, going up. Such a poke at my romantic side. I totally swoon for this kind of "the one" pictures. Of course I do! I'm very serious when it comes to feelings, that's not something you should ever toy with. Nothing good would ever come of that! It's true that people express their feelings in different ways and that is all fun to figure out how someone expresses themselves. It's not always easy to see and I sure have been blind at times, that don't mean I can't learn to appreciate it when I do see. Not everything is about words even though I mainly use them. I'm not at all limited to that expression, it's simply my most comfortable way as others have theirs. Isn't that exactly what love is? To see, feel and respect each other as the same but at the same time different. Likeness don't mean you have to express it exactly the same. The best feeling I think, is when you inspire each other to try out new expressions and evolve. Maybe I'm just an old romantic… but knowing you inspire someone through your love for them is a powerful feeling.

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