This week in summary

I went on a meeting about a future project. Curious to see how that will turn out.
Also, I made a super cool dawg edit of SaSa’s dog Igge:

AREKU questions and answers Tuesday:
Recorded some new music, and released a statement that I will do a Q&A-video over at my YouTube-channel.
You can still submit questions if you so wish!

Also, I was happy to add the D’espairsRay DVD “Liquidize” to my collection. A great live, and a great reminder of why I’ve always liked this band. They’re disbanded, but if you haven’t heard their music, I strongly encourage you to check them out!
Angsty visual kei at its best.
I’m pretty sure something pretty spectacular happened, but I’m gonna play it cool.

Tuesday: Visited Kristianstad with my sister Izzie. Went shopping and looking at the local university, where she consider to study in the future.
I found a dirt cheap memory card for the PS2 (Yes, I still haven’t moved on. Cut me a break – or send a PS3 to help a lad out.) at the local GameStop, for just 25 Swedish crowns (or 2 dollars and 80 cents) I couldn’t resist.

Friday: Visited Malmö with my other sister, Caroline. Went to the Science-Fiction Bookstore (, checked out some other stores and visited the beach, it was quite windy!

Also, I uploaded the first video in a new series I’m making called “AREKU Video Cavalcade“!
The purpose of these videos are to give you an insight in my everyday life. I tend to shoot short snippets of film, and since most of these wouldn’t do for a full stand-alone video, I wanted to share them in this format instead.
I really hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday: Hung out with my bandmembers in Lund. Went second hand shopping with K, and took a “fika”.
This being a special one, as she left for a stay in Japan at SaSa’s place as of today!  Please wish her a safe travel!

And wished you all a happy weekend!

Sunday: Today I’ve been working with the finishing touch ups for my next release for SophistiGance.
Tomorrow (Monday (3th of August) I’ll release a new necklace for my brand. It is called “ANNIVERSARY” and will only be sold in a limited quanitity, during a limited time, to mark the celebration of my brands One Year Anniversary.
I published a teaser picture earlier tonight:

In 20 minutes, it’s a new week.
I hope you look forward to it as much as I do!



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