The camera with you

Many photographers, including myself, have sometimes felt like the only time to create great art is when we pick our (D)SLR and head out to take shots.
However, in our modern times, it’s a joy to be a photographer – no matter if you have your favorite equipment with you or not!

“The best camera is the one you have with you”
Photographer pro-verb.

With a modern mobile, or a small compact camera always on you the world is ready to be made into art.
During my lunch-break today I felt the urge to create som photographs, and then utilized my iPhone 4S to do so.
As with any photo I’ll take with my Nikon, I processed it through Lightroom for some small adjustment.
Since the iPhone just have that much of a dynamic range, I’m really happy to have the ability to later change highlights and shadows.

What do you think?





2 Responses to “The camera with you

  • Nice experiments with photo-effects! Such saturated colors of nature.And the third picture looks like a landing pad for aliens with dark-mysterious clouds over it.But people made their marks inside like graffiti,garbage.And then on the fifth is the light that seems endless…Just my feelings..
    I don’t consider me as a photographer but just adore taking pictures and it is really convenient to have small camera on the cell-phone with me and then use effects and filters for the picture ^_^

    • Yes, it sure looks like something surreal, haha!
      I’m happy to hear that you enjoy shooting photographs! It’s a great joy that I think most people can benefit from. ^_^

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