Sucks to be sick

Yesterday I felt how my throat was starting to act up. As my sister Izzie was sick with fever earlier this week, I could almost assume that it was kinda the same that was to happen to me. I did what I could at the moment and treated my throat with old people cough drops mixed in hot water, and hoped for the best.

As I woke up early this morning, I noticed that my condition now worsened, and the fever had arrived.
Not much to do but cancel all activities of today and rest.
And resting is what I’ve done. Pretty much the whole day went to  just laying in bed, sleeping.
Which is frekkin’ boring, but well needed. As the evening came along, I felt good enough to go out and catch some air.
I brought my camera with me, so that I maybe could make something productive today.
Here’s the results:


Kitty was very eager to tag along.


Found a piece of wood with a face.
Isn’t it extraordinary that we (as humans) are able to “see” faces in objects?




I liked the texture of the sky of tonight



Lastly, some word about you guys. Thank you for all the kind words of “get well” and tips on how to treat the cold and sickness. For those of you worried about me, there’s no need.
I’ll continue to rest, and soon be back full speed as soon as I’m feeling better.
Thank you for your support, as always!

Talk to you soon!

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