Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you all some news about my brand of jewelry and clothing, called SophistiGance.
I recently released some new jewelry, maybe you’ve seen them already?

Sophistigance is jewelry by AREKU

Sophistigance jewelry by AREKU

This is the newest additions to the line of jewelry from SophistiGance: a cross necklace and cross earrings.
In case you’re interested, they retail for 25 USD and 11 USD respectively (plus shipping, which we offer worldwide).

Also speaking of my brand, there is some major updates coming. I will roll out the new improved Sophistigance-site during June, but you can already now take a sneak-peak:

Some of the updates will be a gallery of all jewelry that we offer, such as necklaces, earrings, pins, and more. Along this there will be more information on how to order (right now it’s easiest done by emailing me to byareku[at] or hitting me up on Twitter:, payment methods (PayPal) as well as some new products.

There will also be the ability to browse the collection of clothing that I design, and then is printed by Spreadshirt, which is where the clothes are made.   If you’re interested in checking that out, here’s the link to my shop:

This is just some of the updates, but there’s more to come beside this.
Since it’s soon one year since I began working with SophistiGance, there will be some suprises.
And I thought it would be a good time to freshen up the site.

I do hope you’re as excited as I am!

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  • My self-proclaimed publicity director(笑) is glad some of the news of SophistiGance. I hope that us to buy a lot of people to update the site.( ✪ω✪ )

  • Very exciting!
    I will keep my eyes open and on the site :)

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