SaSa official website – it’s online!

I’ve been hinting about this project during the last month, and now it’s finally online! SaSa, singer of Avalinity and a close friend of mine, launched her official website this past Saturday!

This project goes back to the first seeds being planted in late January, as SaSa told me she was considering moving her blog to a fully fledged website. About a month later in February, it was decided and the domain was bought. Then the development begun. These last two weeks before launch have been the most hectic, especially with some things we wanted to do showed hard to implement.
It’ve been some hard work getting this website ready. Even though it’s based on the theme from her previous blog, this one demanded a lot of special solutions that ain’t are in the book, but was also a lot of fun – working in this dream team that is me and SaSa.

I hope you’ll enjoy her site!

Check out some fun trivia about the development of the website that SaSa and I encountered:

Thank you for the good work!
SaSa and Areku

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  • Congratulations on getting the new site lanch up, I’ll be sure to give her a visit! :)

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