Rehearsal and fika

Today was rehearsal-day! We were one person short, as Freddie-boy couldn’t make it, but we tried to do the most we could. Here’s a little sneak-peak from our band-Instagram!

What’s this? #rehearsing #avalinity @sasa_avalinity @arekuofficial @master__k

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity)

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TomtelatteThis led to a well deserved fika, and I’ve now tried the so called “Tomtelatte” from Espresso House (though I have a small memory that I’ve tried it before..), that tasted nice, and suits this season, as it’s latte with cream and cinnamon.

On another note, I’ve been so tired the last couple of days. I just hope that I’m not coming down with a cold..
There ain’t really time for that now, haha.

Until next time, take care!

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