It have been a while since I last shared my photographic works with you. Even though I have about 20+ rolls that are unpublished, it’s hard to pick which photos to share, and even more difficult as I only upload from one folder at a time. Yet, this is a reason why I so much adore the analogue medium – you have to make decisions and live with them.

AREKU NS41_0001

AREKU NS41_0011

AREKU NS41_0023


AREKU Samsung Fino205 NS45_0008


AREKU Samsung Fino205 NS45_0024


One Response to “PHOTOs

  • You’re destructively beautiful to me.

    This is so: I want to follow you around. Excellent! I mean in that fun and loving way when you cannot get enough of and just want to come with. Be with.

    Made even stronger by my association of the third one as a nature version poster for Full Metal Jacket. Not so much the born to kill, although it’s there too, as the instant connexion to the end of the black lettering on top: doesn’t blow it sucks. MMMmmmm. A world of wishes locked inside there. ON purpose we will never know. I will always believe so! ^^ Another iconic Kubrick. He is much the reason for me believing in the odd story as both visually beautiful and ugly real. That is older than my Burton fascination. Wow, how time muddles. That third one could very well also be time as it looks inside my philosophical mind.

    I already said it but that perspective is really beautiful. To look up at something and someone with enthusiasm is best gift you can ever give. And I struggle to finish my sentences because it takes too long to write it out. This is not a bad feeling at all, just a little tricky to translate into something comprehensible in text. Some things hide in the body, whether you like it or not. That could very well fit with the first picture too, if it wasn’t for me so completely drowned in: so very welcomed to be excitement!! Held so close and tightly, night and day. Maybe life isn’t stranger than that and even that took too long to type out.

    Maybe it’s surplus but you always capture Kitty cats so preciously and with such love. <3

    The analogue suits you so good! I think you make excellent choices and I’m a firm believer in the gut or with heart decision making. Reason lacks imagination and is frankly too boring. Passionate people might set achievements high and suffer some anxiety, but they never truly believe they’re missing out on things, they’re too busy making life as they wish it to be.

    My beautiful, you flirt like none I have ever known
    you love higher than most dare
    adore even deeper and it's a contagious drive
    You to me

    I could never tell all the reasons to love you

    it’s like reading a letter that never ends
    keeps itself entirely but surprises
    gives another picture and find another way to say
    You made me

    beautiful and free

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