New makeup

Look, I’m a beauty blogger!

Yesterday I received a package from Kicks with some new instruments to make me pretty. 
(In before the joke: "Yes, maybe I should eat some too.")

AREKU makeup kicks max factor whipped cremeI’ve been on the hunt for a foundation lately. Previously I’ve only used powder when necessary, as when doing videos, having photo shoots or playing live with AVALINITY, but lately I’ve figured that I need something more reliable.

After trying out some different brands, my choice fell on buying the Max Factor “Whipped Creme”. This is a foundation that I’ve used with good results before, so for me it was a good fit, especially when combined with a light cover of my regular powder of choice on top.

Kudos to Kicks for thinking a bit further with their packaging. This is such a small detail in many cases that businesses doesn’t really seems to bother with developing some kind of overall design, but it’s something that quite appreciated by someone like me. Not that it’s a deal breaker, but it’s always nice.
AREKU kicks makeup make up kicks-store

Also, I got some free stuff. When comparing the packaging of the samples, it’s clear that the other needs to step up their game, at least when compared to Burberry. In this case, details do matter.

AREKU perfume kicks burberry juicy couture paco rabanneI might get back to you with a review of the scents.

Lastly, what kind of make up routine do you have?


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