New header + summer photos!

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Since a while back, I have a tradition of using seasonal covers at my Facebook- and Twitter-page. Since it’s summer, it was time to change the header. What do you think about the new one?

While on the subject of photographs, here’s a collection of my latest snaps, mainly from today.
areku statue landscape city

glada fågel areku bird sky blue

bumblebee areku photo

road areku photo

areku flower photo

rainy day areku photo

blue flower areku photo

areku blue flower photo

And as always, thank you for reading my blog and watching my photographs!

4 Responses to “New header + summer photos!

  • Very nice Banner and Photo’s Areku, as always pleasure to view them and hear your thoughts!
    I’m terrible with taking photographs, I manage to catch a finer in my lens T.T
    I did take one photo I was actually happy with, I liked the way the dim light had struck the subject :D

  • Is very nice banner and your pictures!! Your take a incredible photos!! And I love it!!! ;-)

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