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So, it’s now the 1st of April (at least here in Sweden), and as we’ve now entered a new month I thought it was time to summarize the most read posts of March, in case any of my reader missed one!
Just a side-note before I begin, I would just like to mention that the page that gotten the most views (by far) and always has, is my Biography-page in Japanese: 日本語. Based on the traffic, I think it might be time to refurbish it a little sometime soon. For my Japanese readers, I’m also have some interesting plans for this websites future development, please look forward to it!

Anyhow, onto the list!

1 – The most viewed post of this month is the news that my photo-challenge is now back in action! Last day to submit is the 31th of March, so some parts of the world still got some more time, but based on what I’ve seen so far – you all did quite good! I’m happy to see that there’s an interest for this “second season” of doing these challenges! The next theme will be up later today, so keep your eyes open!

2 – In this post I show you some of the photos I captured on an evening out, standing in a small river for about an hour to get the shots. I aimed to get something that felt dreamy, or had some fantasy-feel to it.

3 – This was written to give the participants of the #AREKUchallenge some inspiration, and maybe also some food for thought on what to think about when aiming for a contrast rich photograph. There will be coming more of these short “guides” to accompany each new theme.

4 – My first ever (and still also the only) perfume review from November 2015 still drives a bit of traffic, which feels real fun!
As I recently bought a new perfume for myself, and gotten some samples, I thought it would soon be time for a follow up! A small tease: I’ll be looking at YSL and Micheal Kors, among others. Stay tuned!

5 – Another review, or more like “a first look at”-kinda affair. If you’re into camera gear and/or veeeery wide photos, you should defiantly check this one out.

That was the top 5 posts of mine that had the most traffic during March. Which post(s) of mine are your favorite?

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  • It’s so hard to play favourites. Part of the reason I love reading your blog is the diversity of posts.

    If I’m to play along for a bit I have to say my favourite kind of post is the music finds, for one thing we seem to have a similar music taste, but not only that, I also like how you present your song choices and talk about them.

    It’s the same with the photo review/tips, which I follow as best I can. Learning lots! However that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the other posts as well.

    I’d say based on text my favourite this month is “Weekend”. Stop writing so many interesting ones! ;) Of course I’m joking. Never stop writing! Seriously, you’re developing quite the style for long posts that are entertaining.

    And when it comes to picture posts the “More flowers” just blew me away. Wow!!It was up against some pretty stiff competition though.

    I hope I made some sense rambling on as I do.

    I look forward to read lots more!

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