5 most read posts in April

So, it’s now May, and as we’ve now entered a new month I thought it was time to summarize the most read posts of April, in case any of my reader missed one!

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1.  http://areku.org/blog/close-up-macro-arekuchallenge-photo-competition/ – The #AREKUchallenge draws a lot of readers, and for that I’m really happy! The latest leg of the challenge is macro and close-up photography, and in this post you get more information about the competition that ends on the 31th of May.

2. http://areku.org/blog/how-to-write-a-song-my-workflow/ – This post was based on an idea that SaSa and I developed, where the topic is how I write my music and lyrics. This is a MUST read-post musicians, writers and anyone interested in how music is made. SaSa also recently released her workflow, which I dare you all to check out:

3. http://areku.org/blog/kitty/ – The internet loves cats. I have a cat. Her name is Kitty. This is a post with pictures of her, and other pictures I took in her company one day.

4. http://areku.org/blog/forest-walk/ – This is the kind of photos that I both me and my audience enjoys the most, or so it seems. If you’re a sucker for mystical forests, check this out!

5. http://areku.org/blog/sasa-official-website-its-online/ – The project leading up to the release of SaSa’s website was a well kept secret until it’s release. In this post, I talk a little about the process, as well as the announcement.

That was the top 5 posts of mine that had the most traffic during April. Which post(s) of mine are your favorite?

Another addition for this past month-summary is that I share where the visitors came from. As long as I can remember, Japan has been on the top. During March however was Sweden (that often been on 2nd or 3rd place before), but in April Japan once again reclaimed the #1-spot. Is your country on the list?

Leave a comment below where you from!

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One Response to “5 most read posts in April

  • Wow, it’s been another month already. This is crazy! And many great posts, how is one to choose? I’ve enjoyed all of them! If there’s another one besides the top 5, which are excellent choices that I’d like to mention especially it’s “Capture the night”. For very personal reasons. Well I like the night myself and I do enjoy that kind of photography and always have. The great thing about it for me was that it got me real excited about writing again which has sadly not been the case for maybe a year. Such a great feeling! Therefore I’d say that post might have completely stolen my heart this month. Although it is a very very tough choice.

    Both the guitar posts were also quite my thing. And who could possibly resist such a dapper gala man. You do scrub up in the nicest possible way. I shouldn’t be surprised by that at all, but I am every time. It’s like when I see your photos and are suprised each time because I keep finding nice little details in them. They do make me dream ever so much.

    Variety, you should never underestimate the importance of and you have that. As well as a way with words and not just the visual. Keep on posting and I’ll keep on reading! And probably reread as well. Such is my way! ^^

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