My LP-collection (and how it started)

My first memory of an LP was when my fathers one afternoon played his copy of “Popcorn“. At the time, I had a very or no real interest in music. I enjoyed it, on a basic level, but that was it. But there was something about the LP-disc that really struck a chord on me, the format felt so solid compared to the tapes I occasionally listened to.

Fast forward a couple of years, to the time I was around 16.
By now I had found a real interest in music (which happened around age 10-11) where I didn’t just consume music, but truly listened to music.
A couple of years earlier, I found the Japanese Visual Kei-movement and a band called “X” in particular.
By pure luck, I was able to get my hands on a really well maintained copy of their first (and in my opinion BEST) album called “Vanishing Vision” on an LP-disc. It’s as of today still one of my most cherished belongings.

As I held the record in my hand, suddenly I felt a struck of nostalgia.
I remembered “Popcorn” – not the actual song so much as the feeling that the physical disc and the action of playing it gave me as a child. As I heard disc spin, the needle finding it’s track to follow and the vicious first song began playing – I knew that there was something with the LP’s that I really enjoyed.
But it would take a me a couple of years more until I began somewhat collecting these disc.
More precisely during this past year.

And so the collection grew, and it grew fast. I found a newly opened second-hand store in my city that carried a great collection of near new records, asking a ridiculously low price. I found a lot of interesting music, and a lot of my favorites, like Beethoven and Mozart. Soon my collection had grew from 3 records to over 10.
And as of today, it consists of the following:
Compared to my collection of CD, this is a pity to even call “collection”, but I assure you that there will be more.
It gives me a small portion of joy to search and find, thumbing my way through record after record, not really searching for anything in particular yet finding something. And as of now, that small portion of joy is worth a lot.

Do you have any LP’s in your collection?

2 Responses to “My LP-collection (and how it started)

  • Hi ! AREKU !

    It is really great collection!
    X JAPAN LP is very valuable.(^^)b
    And you met X JAPAN during the 16-year-old?
    Wow! It is amazing!
    Please cherish! LP the other too! (^^)b

    It is not necessary to reply.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you! Yes, the X-LP is one of my favorites ^^
      I’ve sadly not met X in person, but I found this LP when I was 16.
      I began listening to X when I was around 13-14 years old. ^^/

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