Live at Fäladen

11041262_893141004081548_664796551180488309_nThis past Thursday, my band AVALINITY played our third live of this year, this time at Fäladsgården in Lund.
We’ve participated in a competition called “Livekarusellen”, where bands signs up and gets to play at least three show together with 3-4 other bands during the same night, and if advancing gets to play even more show. In 2013 we participated, and felt like we could give it another shot.
It is of course a competition, but we saw it even more as a great way to get out playing shows again.

Fäladsgården Lund Avalinity Livekarusellen
It begun with a short line-check at around 5 PM, so while waiting for our turn,  me and a fella from another band played some Air Hockey. As you can see in the video below, Yoru soon took over.  I think the match ended 10-10.

After line-check (which is shorter and more basic than a sound-check) we returned backstage. There we changed into our stagewear, did our hair and make up, and mentally preparing for the upcoming show.

Me and Yoru

Me and Yoru

The live went well, even though I had some problems with the amp and had to switch last minute, and therefore got some monitor problems. This was the third time playing here (it was at this stage we played our first ONE MAN live during the KodachiCon -convention back in 2012) so it was pretty much as expected.

I’m very happy to be back playing live again, and so proud of my band performing so well. K is really doing a great job being the bands vocalist during SaSa’s study year in Japan, and Yoru is a really competent and energetic bass player. I can only imagine how great it’ll be once Sasa gets back as well.
I’m truly surrounded by great people.
(Fred: I love you too, just so you know)
We’re releasing a new live-video tomorrow, from this gig, so I really hope you look forward to that. You will find it over at Avalinitys YouTube-channel: (a channel I really think you should go and subscribe to right away, and watch some of our old videos while waiting!)

Until then I leave you with this “Behind the Scenes”-video that I made from off-stage clips I’ve shot during the gigs at Spyken and Fäladsgården. You’ll be able to get a sneak peak into our upcoming video-release in this video!

That is all.



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