Landscapes and Cows

Photography is not only something I do for work, the blog and social medias, but it’s a part of me. I like to see my cameras as an extension of my vision, with possibilities I sometimes can’t imagine before I’m in the darkroom or Lightroom. 

With that exquisite intro, here’s the batch of today. Enjoy!
AREKU photo fisheye-1

AREKU photo fisheye-2

AREKU photo fisheye-3

AREKU photo fisheye-5

AREKU photo-4

AREKU photo fisheye-4

AREKU photo fisheye-6

AREKU photo fisheye-7

AREKU photo-5

AREKU photo-6

AREKU photo fisheye-8

AREKU photo-7

AREKU photo-8

AREKU photo-10

AREKU photo-9

AREKU photo-11

AREKU photo-12

One Response to “Landscapes and Cows

  • That intro though! ♡

    Shallow clear water, it always makes me want to  jump into it. As serene as that pictures is, somehow I kind of want to disturb it. Because water makes me feel good. Especially against my bare skin. One of life’s pleasures is taking off your shoes and socks and walk in water.

    The next one is so tempting and inviting. I love it! It’s like it’s waiting for you to join in. Gently persuading you to follow the straight road towards the light at the end. The blue sky will hold even when clouds gather.

    Oh, the round sky. A sky planet with endless possibilty! The sci-fi fan in me is intrigued. What might be lurking there? Only the imagination limits the possibilities.

    Woah! The blue and green in the 4th one, engaging. Stones are fascinating. I’ve got a thing for the texture of stones that I can’t quite explain. Like a contradiction. Both rough and smooth at the same time.

    Rings on water almost meeting, almost touching. Ripples and heartbeats.

    The tree. I associate it with knowledge, stamina and life. I think this is where my interest in norse mythology shows a bit, although it’s a common symbolic I think that’s how I ended up with that feel for trees.
    I did indeed have a favourite tree as a child. It stood in a field, that was left to grow wild. I used to go to it and read or just sit in it watching people and dogs, because there was a clubhouse for dogs on the other side of the road with a great big agility course, where they trained both police and military dogs. Quite a fun thing to watch from a branch eating a sandwich. I was always the observer.

    I obtained knowledge and sadly saw some bad human behaviour. Not everyone has the patience and care to have a dog. My cat was not at all impressed by all the dogs I might add. But she did enjoy that above view with me at times. So I suppose trees to some extent is associated with safety for me. If it wasn’t for the lightening scorching my lovely tree. I do despise lightning. The random destructiveness. Pretty to look at, but the consequences of it. Terrifying!

    What is it about blue sky and white clouds that just breaths optimism? Is it the light? The movement of the clouds? I’m not sure. The smooth sky to those rough rocks is a nice contrast in the 7th one.

    Cows! Majestic animals. I like the from ground perspective in the 8th one. They look so curious. Super cute!
    Cows are also funny. The very last one is adorable. “You talking to me punk?”

    The 9th picture with the reflected sky is even more mesmerizing. The optimism of bright sky and the calmness of water. So warm and safe.

    Dark clouds are coming in the next one. But that somehow don’t seem to matter.

    The blue in the 12th one. Yikes! What a beautiful storm, not a destructive one. Might shake a few trees but for the greater good. Blowing away all that is ailing.

    Then there’s dark. The tree firmly standing almost grounded to the rocks it seems. And something is left by the rocks to corrode. Because the tree seem to stand in a bit more light in the picture below. It was not destroyed by the storm, perhaps it was indeed firmly grounded by the rocks. You can destroy things with rocks, but you could also choose to ground yourself and find something to hold on to. To wrap your roots round if you like. To be grounded is not to be bored. It is perhaps the peace and warmth that was so very longed for…

    One could put this into a life story. I think it’s a happy one even if not always smooth. A warm storm, a great road is seldom without consequence but that is not to say not worth every threatening cloud. In the end, maybe the water will touch, will make itself ripple with kind and gentle sweetness. To use an old one, If there’s a want, there’s a way. Endless possibilities…

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