iPhone 7 photography

With the popularization of the smartphone market, many have ditched the compact camera in favour of their iPhone/Android mobile. With the latest models, I wouldn’t say that they’re better than a dedicated compact camera, but they’re darn close and a great option seeing as it’s a device that most of us already carries with us every day. You sacrifice quality, but gain accessibility.
With that premise in mind, I begun to snap pictures with writing this post in mind. I’m an avid photographer, shooting with whatever may be near; old or new compacts, DSLR and analogue SLRs, smartphones (and dumb phones..) – film or digital. It’s about capturing the moment, a creative vision, or just having fun. 

Here’s some of the pictures I ended up taking with my iPhone 7, I hope you will enjoy! I may also add that this rekindled my affection for shooting with my cellphone, consider that as an added bonus. ;-)

All pictures were taken with the default camera/stock camera of iPhone 7, edited with the built in Photos-app, some minor tweaks with VSCOcam- and Instagram-apps, text written and post published directly from my mobile.

What a time to be alive.

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