In water – forest –

Always do your very best to get the shot.

Even if that means standing in below zero temperatures water for about an hour with two cameras and three lenses.

1 AREKU Spring photography-1

1 AREKU Spring photography-5

1 AREKU Spring photography-9

1 AREKU Spring photography-7

1 AREKU Spring photography-1-2

1 AREKU Spring photography-8

1 AREKU Spring photography-2

1 AREKU Spring photography-3

1 AREKU Spring photography-4

1 AREKU Spring photography-6

3 Responses to “In water – forest –

  • Okay, let’s try this again! :D

    I tried to reply to this when you first posted it-but the security thing as you now already know wouldn’t allow me XD

    I love how eerie these shots are!
    Some shots the water kinda takes on this ghostly feel and others I almost wouldn’t want to come in contact with the water cause it almost looks unearthly sick!

    • Thank you for notifying me about the problems with comments!

      I think I’ve started to drift more and more towards creating photos, rather than taking them, and by doing so I’m aiming for a more surreal feel, so this was fun feedback to receive!

      • Your very welcome!
        As I said I’m just glad I could be of help \(^-^)/

        I can’t wait to see more and I’m
        Very glad to hear that it turned out to be what you were aiming for. It’s always great to hear when you accomplish what one has set out to do!

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