I have a new guitar

This pas Monday I hinted on Twitter that I might have bought another guitar, so I find it fit to post an update about that now:

AREKU guitar and bass collection

From left: Höfner, Ibanez, Cort (bass) No name strat, L:gance No1, B.C Rich Mockingbird,

Since I begun playing in 2007, I’ve ended up with a small collection of instruments. A nylon-stringed Höfner-guitar that I learned to play on, the B.C Rich Mockingbird which was the first guitar I bought (and which I recently celebrated 8 years with), a no name strat I got from an old friend to remake and paint, the L:gance no:1 that I built myself, a Cort 4-stringed bass. and an acoustic 12-stringed Ibanez that my parents got me a couple of years ago.
On top of that we have the violin and midi-controllers, and miscellaneous like my DIY “””shamisen””” and harmonica.

So why another guitar? First off – why not?
Second; because I lacked a 6-stringed acoustic. Sometimes I wish to use and/or record an acoustic guitar, but there are situations where neither the nylon-stringed or the 12-stringed does my thought justice. When you look at it, an instrument is “just” a tool to achieve the musical vision you got. I’m actually a bit baffled that it took me this long to get this one, haha.

So when I already were in town due to work, I decided to check by the local music-store to see if they had anything of interest. Turns out – they did, quite a bargain as well. I looked for guitars in the range of up to 350-400 USD-guitars, since I didn’t want to break the bank due to other upcoming upgrades. However, I ended up going for the 250 $ guitar, because it had a nicer neck(might sand down the lacquer later on though), fretboard and playability (most important) and a nice style (almost as important).
Another requirement was that the guitar should have a built in mic, just to give me the possibilities of lining the signal in case I would like to. For examples to record both the guitar miced up (to get some of that sweet ambiance) and lined.

Anyhow, here it is! I don’t name my instruments, so this is simply “the black Cort”.

AREKU Cort guitar

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  • I like your decision making. Why not! Actually that is a very good reason to do something. I kind of recognise the I went into the store and this happen. It’s a beautiful guitar. I don’t follow all the thoughts you have on it, but you sure have ideas and that makes me curious. Sometimes we do things without really knowing why at the time. I will just look forward to hear what you and “the black cort” will create together.

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