I bought a Nikon F100

AREKU Nikon F100As of recently, more precisly the 7th of January, I’m the proud owner of a Nikon F100. I’ve had my eyes on getting one for quite some time now but they’re quite rare to spot on the Swedish market. Suddenly a good opportunity appeared; a nice fella had decided to sell his F100 in order for investing in medium-format (something I’m also a bit intrigued by) and I decided to pull the trigger – and damn, I’m happy I did.

A bit of history first; the Nikon F100 was one of the last analog (semi) professional camera that Nikon produced, squeezed in between the F5 and F6, produced from 1998 and was discontinued in 2006. Back in 1999, it retailed for 1400US$ according to Ken.

What’s so great about it? First off; the build quality – it truly feels like a tool. Having a more medium sized body (comparing to something like the F80 which is smaller) makes the camera feel more comfortable to hold and work with. The only downside is that the back and film fork is plastic.
Secondly; the layout of the dedicated buttons and their firm feel is great, let’s just forget that CMS is a thing (of its time though) and that the “L”-button feels a bit unnecessary. If you’re coming from digital Nikon SLR’s like the D300, you will feel right at home.
The shutter sounds gorgeous as well.

But in summary; it just feels good to use.

I’ve run through one test-roll to check that all the functions were working correctly, and they were, and have it now loaded with the first “real” roll – a 36 of FujiFilm Venus 800. I’ll get back to you once I’ve finished that roll ;-)

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