Having a field day


Today I was off for a meeting in a city nearby. I can’t say much about the meeting itself, more than just “business”.
However, since I arrived with good manners a bit to early, I had some time on my hands to spend. Therefore I took it upon myself to stroll around with my camera. Notice that I didn’t bring my DSLR, so this bunch of photos was shot with my iPhone 4S with some minor tweaks later on in Lightroom.
ArekuIphone4 ArekuIphone3ArekuIphone5


The meeting went well, and time to head home. By now the weather had shifted and looked more like this:


Back at home, I noticed that I’d received some additions to my record collection.

To end the day,  I headed out to clear my mind a bit and to shoot some photos, now with my DSLR.
We’re heading more and more towards summer now, even though you can still get a feeling of spring.

_DSC0186 _DSC0187 _DSC0191


That is all.

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