Happy Birthday!


Yesterday (18.06.2015) was my birthday. I’m now 22.
I want to thank all of you who sent me your best wishes, as it was truly overwhelming to see the support and kindness from you! At one point you even managed to break my Twitter app, haha!
Also a big thanks to those who sent me presents, I’m very thankful for these lovely gifts!

Happy Birthday to me

Ett foto publicerat av AREKU (@arekuofficial)

Here is a couple of pictures from yesterday. I spent the day with my family.
I’m not much for going partying on occasions like this, so sorry if you were expecting party-pictures. ;-)

Areku Birthday presents
Opening presents

image (1)
Birthday cake!


AREKU birthday

Birthday portrait

image (4)

The obligatory birthday-beer! Since I turned 18, I’ve always bought one bottle of Carnegie Porter, which I drink raw.
(though it is tasty to blend with a lighter beer as well..)

Once again, thank you for all your lovely messages.
You’re the best!

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday!

  • Friendly family and a lot of blessed with good friends you are really happy person. I was able to spend a happy birthday. The party of the family decorations were those stunning. It is nice. Please spend a happy full of 22-year-old. By the way questions! Do you gift you got what?

    • Thank you!
      I might cover this in a later post, but I mainly got upgrades for my recording equipment.
      And a bunch of small, but special, presents. ^^

  • It looks like you had a really wonderful day, thanks for sharing your pictures!

  • Your pictures are awesome!!! Your look beautiful! and congratulations for comply 22 years!!

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