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I rarely talk about games and gaming. That is because I rarely game. Since there’s only a limited amount of time for each day, I’ve chosen to prioritize other activities above gaming, such as musical activities and photographing. Gaming have become a leisure I rarely afford myself to have. This makes me sound like a very busy person, haha! 

So it may come as a surprise that I write this. But I thought it would make for an interesting post!

Lately (the last couple of months) I’ve been searching out some good offers on games (and consoles) that I’ve wanted for a while (read: since 2006), and finding them rather dirt cheep. That is mostly because I still live in a world where PS3/360/Wii is considered “next gen”..

Since this is a haul-post, I thought I should guide you through my latest purchases in a suitable manner.


“That seems like a lot of games for someone who ain’t gaming”

That is correct. Even though that they’re bought over a period of time, it’s still quite the bundle. The simple answer is that I haven’t played nearly any of these. But I would like to, and by having them in my shelve, I can easily do so whenever I see so fit.
I guess it’s a small luxury I can afford.

So, which are the games, and why did I buy them? Let’s start from the top:
Pokemon Omega Ruby; I bought myself a 3DS for my latest birthday, and in hindsight realized that a Nintendo handheld is not complete without a matching Pokémon-game.
TloZ: Ocarina of Time; A classic I’ve never before completed, and if I ever will – it’ll be on the 3DS.

Pokémon White; The last PKM game I played (beside Go!) was Pearl, so I found it fitting to get the sequel as well.

Game Cube
The Nintendo GameCube is one of my favorite consoles. Sadly I’ve owned one for a long time without anything to play, as I sold the games I initially owned a long time ago.So I thought it was time for a refill.

Resident Evil 4; A solid classic! It’s great to just pick up for a couple of stages, but you could easily get stuck and complete the whole game as well. Great controls, graphics that still holds up, atmosphere – one of the few games on this list that’ve completed before and still bought – because it’s so good.

Pikmin 2; Heard a lot of good things about this game, and I remember playing the original in a GC-booth when they were still around, so I decided to get it.

Metroid Prime; One of my long time friends were a big fan of this series, and I always liked the atmosphere of the solitude Samus, so these two GC-classics were a given buy.

GUN; A favorite game of mine, one which I’ve completed multiple times on the PS2, but I wanted to get it on the platform I first encountered it. Mostly because of nostalgia really.


Metroid again. I recently bought a Wii, and this came with it.

Really my story with the PS2-system is a story for another day, but it’s one of the systems most close to my heart, and one of few systems which I’ve been somewhat consistent in my “”collecting””.

Final Fantasy X and X-2; Ages ago I played both of these titles, but never completed them – no wonder as they’re quite time consuming.

GTA Liberty City Stories; Even though late to the party, I highly enjoyed the PS2-era of GTA games, as it provided a great leisure in a sandbox manner. With my special affection for GTA:III (as mentioned in this post), getting the related title seemed like a good idea.

Kingdom Hearts 1&2; As with FFX/X-2, this were games I played years ago (and actually completed at least one of them) and highly enjoyed. Since then I’ve somewhat kept up with the later releases, but I haven’t played anything past KH:2, beside some brief gameplay with SaSa some years ago on the 3DS.

Metal Gear Solid 3; In my opinion one, if not the best, MGS-game as to date.

XIII; One of my all-time favorite games, and probably the only game series where I would consider myself a collector.
When I see a copy of it that I don’t have, I try to buy it. This also explains the XBOX and PC-versions.


I just recently got the PSP, and have given it a couple of hours so far. Considering the vast amounts of games, I will probably never experience all of the golden picks out there, but since I’ve wanted one since quite some time, I used the privilege of being an adult with disposable income and got one.

GTA; I considered these two games being possible leisures as enjoyable as the PS2-titles but portable.

The Godfather; I love the Godfather films, and enjoyed the PS2-game a lot when it came out. Sadly, this wasn’t such a good version, but nice to have in the collection nontheless..

In summary, will I ever complete all of these games? Probably not – but I will find the time to at least take part in some of the great experiences these works of art could provide.  Which is the latest game you bought?

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