Fallen Tree

As I came home today, I was greeted by this.
Fallen tree moonlight areku arekusandaa phot photography

This is a tree that earlier resided in the garden. During the latest couple of years, it was noticeable that the tree wasn’t doing to well. For each year passing, there would be lesser and lesser leaves, and this year there were barely any at all. Due to the tree being sick, it was decided to be cut down.
This way, it wouldn’t become a danger due to the risk of falling over and healthy parts of the tree can hopefully be used for wood working projects.
As for now, the wood need to be cut up and dried for quite a while, but my wish is to make one or several guitars (like the L:Gance I built) out of it later on. It would make the instrument even more unique.

As the tree were cut down, it was then transported to the front lawn, since it’s easier to work there due to more open space. While laying there, it all looked so surreal.
I think it made quite an interesting picture, don’t you?
Especially with the moonlight shining through the clouded sky..

I’ll leave you for now with another exposure from this evening that I quite enjoyed.

AREKU photography arekusandaa photo rainstorm thunder landscape

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