Easter and work

Hello everybody! Just checking in to give you some updates. We’re right in Easter-times now, meaning a lot of food (that is the same as during Christmas), chocolate, Easter Bunnies (that brought me a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B), feathers and so forth, all the things Jesus were known for.
Just kidding, celebrating Easter, much like Christmas, has little to no religious meaning for most of the population in the secularized Sweden, myself included.

This past week I’ve been working like always with new and old project. Shot some commercials for The Company, been out shooting new photos for the blog which you can see HERE , HERE and HERE, and started to shoot more video off-duty, to some degree since I want to get familiar with DSLR-video, which I now can use together with my small collection of M42-lenses! And to get my YouTube-channel going.. (You should subscribe to it!)

Speaking of video, I’ve also rehearsed with my band Avalinity this past week! Sadly K couldn’t make it, but we shot some video from the rehearsal which you can find over at our Instagram: www.instagram.com/Avalinity

AVALINITY – 「Hypocrite」 Vo. @SaSa_Avalinity Gt. @AREKUofficial Dr. @FredAvalinity

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity)

[SCREAM] (Rehearsal) Gt. @arekuofficial Dr. @fredavalinity Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity)

「MERRY」 (Rehearsal) Vo. @sasa_avalinity Gt. @arekuofficial Dr. @fredavalinity

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity)

Here’s one from the week before, with K!

Rehearsing [Hypocrite] Bass: @master__k Vocals: @sasa_avalinity Guitar: @arekuofficial #avalinity #music #visualrock Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity)

So, what’s more? Well, I’ve been working frantically with a little project that is coming along nicely, and that I soon hope you will be able to enjoy..! It’ve been challenging in a good way, but mostly fun! I’ve had a great partner in crime for this one, haha!

 Yesterday I released a teaser for my upcoming release… Retweet it to spread to hype!

I feel like this was mostly a post to summarize some of the things I’ve been up to lately, so here enjoy a final video, of me and SaSa dancing, before I rambles on to long.

-In hipswings we trust- Find more videos over at the official @Avalinity page! Vo. @sasa_avalinity Dr. @fredavalinity

Ett filmklipp publicerat av AREKU (@arekuofficial)

Also available as a .gif!

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