Close up/macro #AREKUchallenge (photo competition)

Thank you all for participating in the first round of the newly returned #AREKUchallenge! I’m happy to see that so many of you found interest in my photo competition. As mentioned, I will select some of the submitted photos and give the photographers feedback during the next couple of days. But before that, it’s time to reveal the new theme for April, which is…

Close up/Macro!

This month I would like to see your best shots of getting real close to your subjects. To start things off, I’ve selected some of my own macro/close up-shots to show below. You have until the 30th of April to submit your best picture(s).
I will then pick some of them and give feedback to the photographers on their works. There will also be one ore more articles published here on the topic of macro photography, to give the participants knowledge and/or inspiration. I’m looking forward on seeing your works!
For more info about the #AREKUchallenge, click HERE!

AREKU custom reverse lens nikon macro photo of a flower

AREKU Winter Photography rimfrost

AREKU waterdrops photography

AREKU Winter Photography rimfrost

AREKU bird photography

A cemetery with gravestones, gothic feel spider webby Areku

Do you recognize the last photo? It’s also the album art for my song “HALLOW” on iTunes and Spotify!

5 Responses to “Close up/macro #AREKUchallenge (photo competition)

  • Very cool Areku, and awesome that your even giving a little lesson about macro shots too!
    Good luck to all the participants!


  • Whoops I misread!
    It was information about the challenge not the macro itself XD

    my apologies for the confusion!


  • Close up/Micro is one of my favourite theme!^^ But I have a lot of pictures for it and it’s very hard to choose only one x)) will the themes of the challange be repeted once again in future? :)

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