Caught in a rainstorm

Yesterday I went out for my regular evening walk, where walking for the day was replaced by biking.
I headed up to a nearby wind turbine to take some photos of it, and the nearby pond.

By then, I could feel the wind intensify, and see how the sky got darker, but I was to into photographing to really be bothered.
AREKU pond landscape skåne

AREKU wind turbine dark skiew rain thunder storm landscape

And so the obvious happened – a big chunk or rain. It didn’t start with a couple of dripping, no no.
The whole sky just opened up, and combined with the suddenly increased wind, I felt how the raindrops attacked me.
I headed up to the nearby turbine to seek shelter. Thanks to the wind, the rain hit with an angle, which made that the base of the turbine caught most of the passing by water. Not that it really mattered since I was already pretty soaked.
For about 15 minutes I stood and waited for the rain to pass.
AREKU rainstrom AREKUrain storm

As the clouds passed by, I took the chance and biked back home. By then I was soaking wet, but that didn’t bother me much since I now was able to change and get a warm cup of coffee.

This small experience does further strengthen my views on weather-protected cameras.
Sure, if you’ll be out shooting for a longer time in the rain, or cold, it might be a good idea to see the weather protection as a big pro in your purchase.
But if your camera doesn’t have this feature, don’t be afraid to bring it with you. Your biggest concern will probably be keeping the lens clean from raindrops..
However, it all comes down to common sense. A camera can just take that much moist before it brakes.
I just want to point out that they can handle a bit more than what one might think or get the impression of.
And if it rains A LOT, just dress the camera in a plastic bag – i’ve done so multiple times when shooting for longer times outside, and it works just great, despite it looking ugly.
Do what it takes to get the pictures.
AREKU wind turbine

2 Responses to “Caught in a rainstorm

  • Hope you warmed up quickly!
    I’ve been caught walking in the rain many times, especially on the way to my job at the time XD
    Soaked to the bone and working in air conditioning is not fun let me tell you, lol T.T

    Lovely photo’s Areku, thank you for sharing them with us!.

    • Oh I did, coffee and a hot shower put me back into a more human state of being, haha!

      Oh, that’s not something that sounds so very nice!

      Thank you!

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