Capture the night

I tend to get some of my best ideas at night. Sometimes that’s an obstacle, sometimes that’s an opportunity:
as an self-proclaimed night-shot enthusiast, today I’ll share some of my favorite photos that were taken after the sun set. At the end you can also find some of my articles about photographing during night at the end of this post, have a look!











AREKU long exposure night photography

Kristianstad Centrum at night, man running at a red light

Photographing at night

Without a tripod
Back with long-exposures

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  • Carpe noctem!
    I spend too much time reading Nemi. The night; the quiet and the contrasting dark. The night seems to nurture the best ideas somehow. Even if I got an idea during the day it’s not until I wind down at night it properly forms. I blame that on my vampire and gothic side. I’ve always been fascinated by night myself and tried to capture it but perhaps in a different way. But I certainly understand its artistic photo appeal. I’ve taken a few night ones myself, nothing with aspirations just pure enthusiasm.

    Oh my, you’ve done quite a few lovely ones by now.
    The first one, such a starry sky. Watching stars and hoping! Star gazing is relaxing. Sometimes you have to stop for a while and just watch the sky.

    The second one makes me think of Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, I’m a huge Tim Burton fan and that is one of my all time favourite movies. Lots of night or supposedly night shots in it. I think it’s the blueish dread-feel, rough road and the trees that does it. Then of course the rural place and fields are important backdrop of the movie. I would not be surprised to see the Hessian appear here. It sure is as fairy tale like. The visual feel is one reason for my Burton fascination. The seventh one with the fallen tree and the moon have the same movie-feel connection for me.

    The third one is the cover art for your song Sorrow right? I have always liked it, but I don’t feel sorrow when I see it nor do I feel sorrow when I hear the song. Sorrowful yes certainly, but they both carry some sort of light. A bit like really good doom songs, which are gloomy but then they flicker with some light or hope or even forever love lasting well beyond death. Maybe it’s true that sorrow can only exist if there’s also happiness. Either way I have a hard time feeling blue in the traditional sense when listening to or seeing that photo nor any of the others. I think you’re just too much entwined with light and hope for me.

    How do you get an electric pole to look so out of the ordinary? Contrast and light, yes, and the starry sky in the background sets it up to be something quite poetical.

    That moon! I know you do great shots of the moon but it’s truly breathtaking. It does look a bit like a Death Star as well. Not much use resisting its spell. And why should I wish to?
    Questions. Have you ever taken photos of bats? Or other moonlit creatures? Or have any ever walked into a shot and “ruined” it?

    The 8th one! The pretty colours. That’s the thing, even after dark there’s colour to find.  Pink and blue go together! And the white snow makes it just inviting. But then there’s the interruption by the orangy fire. The story of life.

    Oh, you do make it look so cosy and simple. The next one with the river who breaks through. So much symbolism and I find it to be utterly liberating.

    The tangerine sky. Like a promise of things yet to come; tomorrow will be different. Will be the start of things new.

    City by night. It’s a preferable time to be in the city. I especially enjoy walking the empty streets, just collecting the thoughts and impulses of the day passed. The lights of the city, people hurrying on going somewhere for the night or future. You can really not know, until you walk that road. I have never feared the night itself which have scared some people in the past. I find it to be rather comforting and safe.

    These pictures tell a story if you let them. I could go on but I’ll leave it here at a great story full of joie de vivre! More than enough to fall in love with.

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