Back to playing live

Visual Kei band AVALINITY live at Jutan in HelsingborgAvalinity is back! This past Tuesday we played our first live of the year. To make it even more special – this was the first time since 2013 that the original line-up performed together!
You can see more pictures, and the setlist, over at our newly released official AVALINITY-website!

We arrived early, got our stuff up in backstage-area and then headed to have something to eat as we were starving after the long road we’d traveled. Thankfully there were some time between eating and the soundcheck, as I sometimes feel almost squeamish after eating. The overall rule is no food or drinks (except water) a couple of hours before a show to guarantee the best performance.
Soundcheck went well, we then proceeded to get into our stage wear, touch up the make-up and hairdos, and waited for our turn to get on stage.
The show went very well! I most say, all of our hard work and preparations (like playing the setlist over and over for the past two months) really paid off as it should. I’m so proud of my band!

Next concert is this upcoming Monday(15/2), as we travels to Klippan to play at the live house “Sågen” in the second leg of our small tour withing Livekarusellen. Show starts at 18:00 – and I hope to see as many as possible of you there!

AREKU playing a B.C Rich Mockingbird throug a marshall-amp, live with visual kei band Avalinity at Juntan in HelsingborgThe photos in this post were taken by Miharu.


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