At the Museum

Yesterday I teamed up with K and invaded visited a castle in Malmö called “Malmöhus”.


This old castle, once built to defend Malmö from invaders, have now been turned into a museum. It features several permanent exhibitions (about the castle, a wide collection of furniture and decor from different eras, arts and much more) as well as rotating exhibitions. IMG_5629[1]Right now they showed one about frogs and one about the Baltic Exhibition in 1914, which I found very amusing.

At the museum shop they even had preserved guide-books from the exhibition!

IMG_5632 Overall it was very exciting to see all of the collections the museum had to offer, and I remembered how wonderful it can be to just loose yourself in art and everything that is exhibited.

Beside the visits from when I studied at the Historyprogram (school), I haven’t been to a museum in a long while.

After several hours of walking we settled with a cup of coffee, and called it a day.
Do you like visiting museums?



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