A History of AREKU (in pictures)

Since it’s Thursday today, so I found it fit to do a post as a part of the #TBT – Throwback Thursday.
Here’s a couple of pictures of yours truly AREKU, from various passages in my life.


Areku 2008 Arekusandaa AvalinityAREKU mockingbird promo 2008

2008 – It was at this time I began to let my hair grow out longer.  And began to get a sense for “style”.
I’ve just began making my own music, so I needed a suitable picture for my MySpace-page.
(Yeah I know, it’s been a while.. MySpace.. I do actually still have a page there: https://myspace.com/arekuofficial)

Regarding style, at this time one could describe my fashion sense as “aristo punk” – think The Hives meets A Clockwork Orange at the goth  Batcave Club.

Areku Pocket watcg


Areku Aristo Punk




2009 – Now my hair had grown quite a bit, and I began drinking coffee on a daily basis.  Two facts that are most likely unrelated to each other.
A bit later the same year, I tried out having a sidecut.  And got my first piercing.
AREKU old photo avalinity arekusandaa teaAreku fishnet

I was also rarely seen without my Minolta Maxxum. Shot so many rolls of film with that one..



AREKU Avalinity Visual Rock

And so my hair went a bit short again.

My photography got a bit more experimental:



AREKU Avalinity ArekusandaaAreku Avalinity 2011 Visual Kei

This is the shortest my hair have been in a long time.  It was also this year I formed what would later on become AVALINITY.
And got some more piercings.
And stretched my ear (same as now: 10 mm)

 Areku piercings alt stretched ear Areku piercings alt stretched ear


A picture from the first live with my band AVALINITY.

AREKU AREKU avalinity photoshoot model


Konsert1011Areku Avalinity Live Lund Spyken

Areku avalinity photoshoot visual kei visual rockAreku Avalinity HarukaCon



areku avalinityareku hawthorn avalinityAreku arekuareku chess self portrait


areku live avalinity sofie park malmö

    areku photoshoot modelareku lgance guitar photoshoot modelareku avalinity live sofie park sweden malmö
So, do you think I have changed a lot over time?

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8 Responses to “A History of AREKU (in pictures)

  • I’m sorry if it was rude.( ..)” I like the hair is short AREKU.ヾ( ^ω^)ノ The shorter will feel like have come up with likeness AREKU.^^

    • I did enjoy the shorter hair as well, might go back to that later on. But for now I’ll have it long a while too ^^

  • You look good with short hair! But I like you more with long hair!!

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