#AREKUchallenge – Contrast feedback

As a part of my #AREKUchallenge, I give feedback to some of the entries each month. Here’s some I’ve picked for the last theme, which was contrast.

This is a good example of a view that’s good for high contrast: sky with foreground. Most often one would aim to have a well balanced exposure where the highlights aren’t burnt out in the sky, but still not having a darkened out foreground. In this case however, to expose based on the highlights were a good choice. I would probably increase the blacks and shadows even more, but else wise I think it’s fine!

Lovely live shoot Charli! Well balanced exposure with not to much grain, nice use of contrast between the shadows, smoke, and person on stage. Good timing with the smoke. I would however cut off a bit of the bottom, or retouching it more solid dark, as the edge of the stage draws attention away from the main subject.

This is an example of low-key photography done right, good work with the shadows! I would suggest that you up the exposure of the BJD, by adjusting the whites and highlights of the picture in post.

Another good example of how one can use under-exposure as a way of achieving contrast. By metering by the light, we get a slightly under exposed feather. The texture is worth a mention, as the drops is a really nice touch.

The colors make for a good contrast photo, with two dominant colors with the drink, and then the darker background. I would check the focus, as it appears the neither the background or the subject are really in focus.
This is a picture where you could really go wild with the contrasts in post, I’m thinking something along the lines of eliminate any color variations by tinkering with contrast settings and the individual color curves.

Thank you for all the submissions! I’m sorry I couldn’t review them all, but I’ve seen every entry!
Finally, a reminder that the new theme of the month is macro/close-ups, you have until the 31th of May to enter!

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