AREKU – the Creative Director

Two weeks ago I tweeted that I’d been hired, and today I would like to talk a little bit more about that.

The events leading up to this begun last autumn, when I had an internship at a product visualization firm. I learned a lot about industrial design, sales, marketing and media production (as I was in charge of their social media campaigns) and even got the chance to hold my first business presentation.

When my internship was over in late November, I was happy to hear that the company I worked with had put in a good word for me to a nearby media firm(specialized in radio), that was looking to hire. I hinted about this in this post.

During December I had two interviews/meeting with these folks, and it wasAREKU Avalinity decided that I should start working there in 2016 as their Creative Director for their new investment in producing videos. This also means that I, beside producing and editing videos, also will be doing some graphic works, photographing/editing, composing and so on.

So two weeks ago I began working there, and so far I’ve already produced a video CM, a short event-spot, a jingle for a radio-spot, and some minor graphical work.

I see this as a great opportunity to develop myself in the fields of photo, music and video, while contributing to a growing company, and also getting funds to develop myself and my own works even further. With this I also want to tell you that this employment won’t hinder my ability to continue producing content as AREKU, or as a part of Avalinity – much rather it is encouraging and giving me more abilities to create even more (and better) works.

After all,I probably wouldn’t been near getting this job if it wasn’t for everything I’ve learnt through and as “AREKU”.
I am AREKU, and AREKU is me. 

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