As mentioned on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I’ll be doing a “Q&A” video this week.

If you would like to submit a question that could be featured in my video, just leave me a comment! ^^/

If you wish to do so anonymously, ask your questions via my new Ask.Fm-page!



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3 Responses to “AREKU Q & A

  • Here’s a question for you Areku!

    How did you learn to play guitar?
    Were you self taught, or did get lessons, and if you were self taught, what resources did you use to help yourself learn if any? ^_^

    Thanks for the Q & A by the way, looking forward to hearing more questions and answers!

    • Thanks MoMo!
      Several people have wondered about the same, so I will definitely answer it in the Q & A! ^^

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