AREKU birthday (& photoshoot)

Yesterday (18th of June) was my birthday. I would like to thank you all who sent me messages around the internet, it really made my birthday a great day, and I’m so thankful for having such a nice following – thank you!

Also special shout-out to K and SaSa who FaceTime’d in from Hong Kong to congratulate me!


In honor of my birthday, or #AREKUday which I find being a superb name(;-]), I had a small photoshoot. Consider this being.. a warm-up for something coming soon..

All photos below were taken by Izzie. 


AREKU photoshoot 2017-06-18

AREKU photoshoot 2017-06-18

AREKU photoshoot 2017-06-18


Happy Birthday to me!

Ett inlägg delat av AREKU (@arekuofficial)


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