And the winner is… [#AREKUchallenge]

The long awaited answer is finally here, who won the first round of my #AREKUchallenge, the little photo competition I throw together a month and a half ago?
To recap, the meaning behind the challenge is that I want more of my followers, who might have photography as an interest or even a long going hobby, to share their works and via me get their works out to more people.


I want to thank everybody who chose to participate, it was great fun to see your contributions!
It was far from easy to chose a “winner”, as it’s hard to actually compete in art.

Before I get onto the winners (yes plural, I chose one for Instagram and one for Twitter), I have to joy to announce a second round of the #AREKUchallenge! The theme for round 2 is “city”.
To participate, you simply upload your best interpretation of the theme to your Instagram and/or Twitter-profile and  use the hashtag #AREKUchallenge. Remember that your profile must be set to “public”, else wise I won’t be able to see your shots!

Second, here are some of my favorite shots, that didn’t really make it onto the first place, but was damn fine shots!

[foogallery id=”820″]

And now, onto the winner…..
on Twitter is: @YasashiEva


A lovely use of shadows and contrast makes this picture very interesting and pleasing for the eyes. Good work!

on Instagram is @lamaglitter:

With a great shot that truly have frozen and action in time, your picture greatly captures the always changing state of the nature. Good work!



Thank you all, and I hope to see you in the next round!

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  • Hi !! AREKU !! (^^)
    Thank you so much and I have posted the “my photos” to your favorite.
    The two winning works, very, very nice!

    Two winners, congratulations!
    Applause! (^^)b

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