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Story time

Cosina CT-1AThe post of today is a small talk about analogue shooting, and some new digital photos at the end.

I grew up shooting film. Rolls and rolls. Before I started to buy my own, I was usually allowed about a roll of 36 each 2-4rd month or so. I didn’t really shoot more than that anyhow. Once I went from documenting, to truly starting photographing and learning how it worked at around age 12 or so, I bought my own film. It was first about age 13-14 that I really went into photography with the purchase of my first on SLR (a Minolta Maxxum), and so I usually shot about 1-2 rolls per month during my most extensive period of analogue the years to come. At the same time I was looking into digital photography (briefly talked about this in my Revisiting the HP M627-post) and a couple of years later moved on to DSLR completely.


Well, I continued to shoot film, just not as frequent.

But everything goes in cycles, and right now I’m shooting a bit more analogue than before due to the Cosina CT-1A I got myself for last Christmas, parallel to exploring my new D300. There’s something about the feeling and pacing with an analogue camera that tends to fuel my creativity. An old cliche is that a negative is “worth” more than a digital file. I’m not so sure about that, the most important thing is to capture the picture. But I can agree that shooting film comes with a special kind of worth.

Not just anything or anyone is worthy of the work that in 2016 is being captured on a roll of film. It’s a matter of moments.  But that is truly just a matter of perspective.

Story time is over, here’s some new (digital) photos from the last couple of days:

Kitty Cat Landscape

AREKU landscape photography

AREKU landscape photography-3

AREKU landscape photography-5

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  • Your stories are lovely!

    I think there’s quite a difference between analogue film and digital formats. Different media with different challenges. Not sure the one is better than the other. But you are more selective with analogue and that perhaps makes it feel more special. However you can become snobbish and selective with digital too. It’s also a matter of perspective.

    I think you like challenges, and the limitations of analogue should push you the way you seem to enjoy. Sometimes we need limitations to find that source of creativeness we were looking for.

    As you’ve shared your story of film rolls I will share bits of mine. My photographing has certainly had cycles and with rolls you tend to save them for occasions or at least I did. Not that film was ever in short supply. You know those boxes in the refrigerator doors that is supposed to have milk cartons and food and such, well in my father’s home (my parents are divorced) that door held a bottle of soft drink, one milk carton and the rest were filled with film of different kinds and my nail polish. And he used to develop quite a few rolls so handing in mine too was like a drop in the ocean. There’s a lot of photos in his archives…
    I mostly took vacation, event or animal pictures. I did do some random everyday ones but people commented on the weirdness and I kind of gave up that idea pretty quickly.

    I mentioned the smell of developing fluids, it’s very much linked together with film rolls for me. Especially the loading of a new roll. The frustration of being a teen when your dad rebuilds the only bathroom to developing area. It’s hell. He was not overly enthusiastic about my hair dyes and stuff either. Actual argument between us, which smelled the worst. In retrospect that is so us and rather harmless banter. He did develop a lot of black and white at home. And today I’m rather sad I didn’t pay more attention but there you go. Youth…
    I do remember that first time I saw a photo come to “life” on paper, such magic. And back then we lived in a house with two bathrooms so no one was on top of each other. Except for me who tended to run off into the forest any given chance.

    I don’t think anyone seriously into photography move on completely. The old style usually lingers on because the new are seldom completely the same. I still get that weird sensation of wanting to watch our old slides. If you mention diapositive slides today you get funny looks. I know I belong in a museum. But it was the very thing especially for me before I mastered the subtitles of TV. Yeah, I liked watching pictures when I was young. I was a hellish monster of a child to sit still and listen to the stories behind pictures on the white screen. I miss that kind of analogue none multi-compatible gadgetness sometimes.

    Enough memory lane.


    Kitty! Cats everywhere, two right beside me as I type this and a whole family of mother and three kittens in the next room. I loved that caption you did: “Have claws, will travel” Wasn’t sure whether she was going somewhere or waiting for someone to come her way. The only thing that seemed certain to me was the road chosen. There’s determination in the direction and that posture.

    The next one is like a painting. Oh… and water lily leaves. A complete painting with reflections. I’m glad to report that I don’t jump around tilting my computer to see if this also changes motif slightly when the angle and distance differs. Yes, I am that quirky art-consumer that will jump around and change angles when looking at art. The perfect reflection and mirror imagining has fantastic poetic charm.

    I confess I can’t decide what the next is. Halves incomplete or halves of a perfect circle? Or forbidden. The twoness of this has me thinking along the lines of meeting each day as perfect halves. It sure shines up that room.

    Talking about shine. There is Kitty again. She seems comfortably waiting for something. Can’t decide if she looks impatient or curious. Maybe a bit of both. She’s real alert too. Waiting for you always… It is without a doubt something that is worth waiting for, there’s pride. And she always have her claws.

    This could be about parts coming together. But not just any parts, those that are worthy. To be selective without hesitation. It’s time to make that painting and story complete.

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