An Eventful Saturday

So, yesterday was quite eventful.

First off, there was rehearsal with AVALINITY. We’re working really hard with both our old songs and making new ones, and we hope to share many of them soon with you all.
If you’re curious, here’s a short video that K shot of me, Yoru and Fredrik jamming on a new idea I came up with the other day:

Also – YORU is back! After a month in Japan, our support bassist is finally back. Great to have you here again!

After the rehearsal was over, me and K went to grab something to eat. Since we’re in Lund, a good old “halloumi rulle” was on the menu. What is a “halloumi rulle” you might ask?
It’s a a tortilla/pita/or such alike, that is filled with sallad, sauce, and big chunks of halloumi.
Way tasty, fills your stomach, and doesn’t cost many Swedish crowns.
(No wonder it’s a favorite among students..!)

With no hunger, me and K decided to have a quick photo shoot at the same place that we shot the first promo-pictures for Avalinity.
Here you have AREKU modeling!
AREKU model photoshoot photo shoot clothes fashion gyaruo visual kei vroc´k  I’m wearing

  • necklace from my own brand SophistiGance
  • a velvet top of unknown brand that I bought at Humana Second Hand in Malmö
  • A vest/cardigan that I made from a tunic
  • pants with a wet look from H&M
  • boots from Din Sko
  • belt and buckle from Gnosjö
  • bag of unknown brand from Emmaus Lund
  • clock from Jemis Japan
  • The same rings I featured here.

Thank you for all the nice comments you left me on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
If this is your first time seeing it, tell me in the comments what you thought. ^^/

IMG_6940After that, we headed off to Malmö, where me and K parted for a while. I headed over to my friend David (also know and Gaming-David or Coffee-David for his big interest and knowing in these topics) who just came back home from Småland (a region that boarders to Skåne where I live).
Me and David have been friend for well over 5 years now, and it’s always nice to chat up and play video games with an old friend!
Later on K joined in, and we all took turns playing Donkey Kong Country 3, which is still a great game.
Though my personal favorite is the second installment.


Della, Fredrik, David and K

Then things got a bit unplanned. We decided to head out, to just grab a beer or two, since it was Saturday.
After just a couple of minutes, we spots Fredrik walking by outside with his entourage for the evening, so we calls him in, where he explains that they’re heading for a club further down the town, so we tagged along.
I personally haven’t been at a club in a fair good year or more, so it was nice re-seeing this type of settings.

And I finally tasted a Mojito thanks to Mr. Kevin.
This is surely a drink I’ll make myself as well!

After a couple hours of drinks and dancing, we all parted ways.
Me and David walked home and played some Smash Bros before falling dead asleep.
Surely, this was a great, yet unexpected evening!

How was your weekend?

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