[MALMÖ] Alternative flea market + haul!

AREKU of Avalinity in Malmö wearing Sex Pot RevengeYesterday I visited Malmö (Sweden’s third largest city, and pretty close to were I live) to hang with K and her friend Maco, whom I’ve known over the internet for a while, but haven’t being able to meet until now.

Our main goal was to attend an “Alternative flea market”. With alternative, I could say that the style represented were of the goth, cyber, punk, and so kinda-type-of-style.

There were about 10 sellers on place, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items sold, as well as the prices!
I bought the following for just under 200 SEK (or 23 USD / 2800 JPY), which is quite the catch!



IMG_7493My first finding was (a bit unexpected) the MUCC World Tour Final Nippon Budokan 666 – DVD, for only 20 SEK! That’s like 2 dollars, crazy.

Beside that, I bought a simple silver keychain, a silver and leather-bracelet, and a arm warmer. Very mixed, I know.
Total so far – 60 SEK.


IMG_7494Then I found this jacket from Queen of Darkness.
100 SEK for a jacket is pretty much always a great deal, and even more so for this one in particular.
I don’t have many items from QoD as of before, probably just one fishnet-shirt. But as the jacket was in near new condition and felt rugged, I bought it. It’s left to be seen if I do any modifications to it, or just let it stay as it is as of now.
A great buy nonetheless!




Finally, another piece from WEEKDAY to add to my collection – just a simple long sleeved shirt. As good as new for only 20 SEK.


After we were done at the market, we headed to “Folkets Park”, where we  had ice cream and found tortoises!

AREKU and K of Avalinity having some ice cream


If you want to see me trying the items on, and seeing some of those modern “moving pictures” in vlog-form, check out my most recent video on YouTube!


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