Adventures with SaSa

It’s a wrap!

A selfie of SaSa and AREKU of Avalinity

After making plans followed by an urgent packing last night, I left the fields today for a trip to the city to meet up with SaSa.

It was quite an intense day, and I’m a bit tired now to say the least, but we had quite fun as well! We hope you’ll enjoy this “thing”!

I want to thank everyone involved, and already now say a big “thanks!” for the upcoming work in post that is to come, I can  only imagine it will be both challenging and rewarding.
And I will grow bigger ears~

We can’t really say much more right now, but if you feel like reading some more, head on over to SaSa’s blog!

On a final note – Facebook kindly informed us that SaSa and I have been friends for 4 years now, so to quote her: “yay to us!”

To celebrate this I kindly present another selfie of us from today that I “borrowed”, because let’s face it; her phone beats mine when it comes to the selfie game..


A selfie of SaSa and AREKU of Avalinity

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