A little more

AREKU small river spring photoghy -2

AREKU small river spring photoghy -3

AREKU small river spring photoghy -4

AREKU small river spring photoghy -5

AREKU small river spring photoghy -6

AREKU small river spring photoghy -7

AREKU small river spring photoghy -8

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  • More stunning pictures!

    Such a cool looking house. It doesn’t quite make sense but in a fun way. It almost looks like the trees are living on the roof. Like in the real old days. I always fancied having a little house with a tree or small trees growing on the roof. This seems to be a happy old house. Like it’s got a story to tell you if you only dare to listen.

    What a difference of green. It certainly appear as if it’s greener and sunnier on one side of the fence. Does that mean the grass actually could be greener on that one side?

    Oh that third one! The contrast makes the colours pop out. Pretty much how I view the world. Most is b&w except for some brilliant colour splash in the middle. Get caught in that stream and don’t let go!

    The cosy little shed. What stories might be hidden within? It does look like the perfect lovers hideout, where no one will look. It also gives off a doll likeness. Not sure how I got that feel. Like it’s a model. It’s something to do with that vibrant green, made to dazzle and amaze. Got a bit of old literature vibe about it and that’s not without appeal.

    The 5th with the bridge breaths art to me because I happen to like Monet paintings. Well impressionism as a whole movement, diffuse strokes making a whole seem to make me reimagine ordinary things. Monet was big on water reflections and of course he painted bridges too, like the famous Japanese one with the water lilies.

    I can’t make out what is breaking the surface of the water, but as a proper adult of course I imagine it to be a crocodile. There’s no killing my childlike imagination. Nor do I want to. It’s silly, I know that, but at the same time fun. Life can’t all be bills, work and troubles. Sometimes it has to be an imagined crocodile and that’s okay. And as my writer self, nothing is impossible just very very improbable. Makes for a good story though.

    What a magnificent river bursting proud. This reminds me of the forest path picture you took before. I guess it’s the white on the water that does it. A watery path… a new beginning.

    Then it hits a wall. What is it with concrete that I like? It’s ugly and annoying… and yet interesting in its ugliness. But what does a river do when it hits the wall? It goes round. That is what I like in this picture. The water still falling down the rocks. The little grass and the river that just passes it by. Build a wall and I’ll go round!

    What story do I see? Hmm… this one has me pondering. The green house and the greener side… I’d say this a about greener. About things that is greener if you only look. Even when you hit the wall the green will comfortly grow beside it. In every one that detail is there as a reminder. Never boastful, simply alongside.
    That chance… never letting go.

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