A cozy afternoon/evening

Yeah, I know the title is just one big rip-off, I partly just re-phrased SaSa. SorryNotSorry. 

This morning I traveled to drink coffee and do some business (which you might get to know about in a while, maybe), a bit tired as I’d pulled some overtime yesterday to finish up a company project ASAP I had the footage in order to free up some time today. Then it was back home again, eat and have my “eftermiddagsfika” (which is another word for my sacred coffee-break at 2 AM), then I headed off to Lund to meet up with SaSa!

We’d planned to go have some dinner, and as she’d seen a Persian place near the University area (turned out it’s a restaurant I’ve walked by at least 20 times as I was studying at Uni and never noticed (I’m blind..)), we decided to try it out.  The food was nothing to complain about, but the icing on the cake was that they started playing old songs by  Googoosh, which is like THE only Persian artist I know about. And she’s great. Here’s a link to one of my favorite tracks, which coincidentally was played today!

(fun fact: this song first came to my notice when SaSa mentioned that this song shares about the same chord progression as our Avalinity song “La Petite Mort”.)

After having our stomaches full, we headed for some coffee, which today translated to hot chocolate. It was nice to just sit back, relax and talk, which among other topics included stalking our selfs (because we’re weird like that) and trying to decipher a painting.

After that we headed off to see a Shonen Knife (Japanese all female pop-punk band) cover-band called Banana Chips (which I misheard as Banana Tits (twice) over the phone earlier), and I can only imagine that this was like heading off to a small live house on a week day in Japan. In Sweden we don’t really have the culture of going out spontaneously to see bands, though it of course happens.  The band was surprisingly good, and I was happy to see how they seemed to really enjoying being on stage!

Banana Chips is a Shonen Knift cover tribute band

Summery: Had a great time, got my grub on, enjoyed live music, all in great company. Tomorrow I’m off to shoot a PR-thingy for Volvo (I know what you’re thinking; “since when do AREKU cover cars?!”) and rehearsal with Avalinity.

Check out SaSa’s post, it’s the least I (and you) can do since I stole that fika-picture!

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