A brief history of my cameras

AREKU cameras Nikon Canon Fuji SamsungAbove is most of the cameras I’ve used since I was a chibi-AREKU. 

I’ve been shooting pictures since I was old enough to grasp a camera. At first only to prove an example, later on to catch the moment. Soon enough I developed into documenting the fleeing moments. At last I understood that a camera was a vital tool for capturing not only the reality, but the world as I saw it.

This is a small timeline of the cameras I’ve used and still own. Along the way I’ve shot a lot of systems, but that’s for another day.
The story goes from left to right.


This was my first experience with photography, at an age were I yet couldn’t understand the dimension of photography. Indefinably landed to me by my father, this 80’s point and shoot-camera with a fixed aperture, fixed shutter and fixed lens was all I needed.

SAMSUNG Fino 20s

My very first own camera. Still in the documenting phase, this were when I slowly started to grasp the concept of creating pictures instead of capturing them. I remember only having a couple of rolls at my disposal per year, which I tried my best to make the most out off.

Minolta MaXXum 3000i 

This was the first camera I ever bought. A classmates parents were kind enough to pass it on for a small sum. This was the camera that kept me in the lab when the rest of the school went camping in the snow. To this day I have no regrets staying in the dark room developing both rolls and myself.
The Minolta were a trusty companion which I traveled with and shot at least 50 rolls with all over Sweden before it broke down on me due to wear. I still keep the body as a memory and converted the kit lens to a super macro.

Nikon D3000

After much experimentation with my first digital camera, an HP M627, I truly stepped into the digital world and started publishing my photos online with this camera. Way more durable than expected, this small Nikon went through all seasons without a single complain, always in my hand or bag. Rainfall, falling on concrete, taking a swim in the river – it gave it scratches and scars but it always made it back home in one piece.


After a long period of only shooting digital, I found this analogue camera at a second hand-stored defined as “broken”. I knew that so wasn’t the case, so I picked it up for near to nothing. This is a camera I’m currently shooting the ANALOGUE-series with, and shooting a lot due to its compact size and ease of use. It feels way beyond great to be back in the world of film.

Nikon D300

A long time coming, but soon enough I finally bought it. Previously a pro-photographers back-up system with barely any shutter count to mention, this quickly became my main system and the successor to the D3000 in my bag. Being a more sophisticated system, I directly felt at home.



I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

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