8 years with my favorite guitar (B.C Rich “Mockingbird”)

Picture by Ove Jansson of AREKU plays the B.C Rich Mockingbird guitar

Photo: Ove Jansson

Today is a special day, so I would like to tell a story about my guitar.
My favorite guitar. Which I’ve now had for 8 years. This is the story of how I got it.


AREKU Höfner guitar

Probably the last photo where I wore jeans..

I begun playing guitar somewhere in 2007. Using an old Höfner nylon stringed guitar, I learnt the basics. It wasn’t long until I aimed for an electric guitar. The tipping point of why I even begun playing guitar, was based around an electric guitar, with a special shape, and played by a special person. I can still remember the moment where I realized I not just wanted to become a musician, but a guitarist in particular, and that was when I first saw and heard the solo in “Endless Rain”. (Starts at 3:37 in case the auto-play doesn’t work)

And there was my dream guitar. Some research later, and I found out that it was of a shape known as “Mockingbird”, here made by Fernandes. I searched the webb, but couldn’t find any retailers of those in my area or even in my country. I could import one from Germany, but as a minor, I didn’t really have the ability, or the money to do so. Plus, I wanted to play it before I decided.

So I continued playing the Höfner.

Flash forward to the last day of March in 2008. I hadn’t given up on the thought of having a Mockingbird, but there were still none to be found and I was more and more eager just to get a good electric guitar, any kind and any shape. While browsing the stores nearby, I saw a guitar shape that seemed familiar. “B.C Rich Mockingbird“.
Only one available..

AREKU Mockingbird guitar

I called the store the day after. They still had the guitar in their inventory. However it wasn’t in their store, but in a sister store in Stockholm. It would take a couple of days to get to Malmö, which was the closest store to me. I later heard a story by the clerk that their chain of stores had only imported 4 guitars, and sold all but this one, which was almost on it’s way to be shipped back. Last ticket.

I remember not being to keen on the color, I wanted a black one, but I thought “I can always repaint it”. Which I never did though.

First picture of me playing the guitar

First picture of me playing the guitar

At this time I was working in the nearby city of Lund, just for two weeks as a part of the Swedish “prao-system” which all 14-15 year olds had. I can remember being so wishful that the guitar would be in store by Friday, else wise I would have to wait until the week after and not being anywhere near Malmö.
Also, I wasn’t even sure that I would be able to pay for it, since this prao-thing was meant for experience and not a paid job. I did however get a small sum, and together with a gift from my parents, I was now able to buy it if I so wished.

Friday came along, and around lunch I got the text that the store had received my guitar, and I was welcome in to try it out. YES! I though!
After work, it was off to Malmö, the clerk brought out the flight case.
I picked up the guitar, sat down in the amp-room.. and played..

And it just felt right.

AREKU of Avalinity live playing a B C Rich Mockingbird guitar

Since then, I’ve had many adventured with this guitar. It was with this that I wrote my first songs, played my first public performance. It’s the guitar that I’ve been using throughout all of Avalinity’s rehearsals, live shows and on recordings, both for the band and my own releases. I’ve also been featured by B.C Rich on their social medias as both a B.C Rich-babe (which is probably the most prestigious title I’ve ever received) and as “Player of the week“.
The guitar also caries stickers and stamps on the back from friends and fans all over the world, which only adds to its history.

It’s starting to show off it’s age and that it have been used, but I only see that as part of it’s charm and a sign of faithful service. In the beginning I was very.. cautious about how I handled it, and polished it after each sitting. I soon realized however that this is a tool, and a tool is ment to be used to its maximum potential. Earthly possessions can always be repaired, so don’t let things like the fear of making a dent stand in the way of making great things happen. I take care of my guitar, by playing it as much as I can.

With this, I would like to thank it for a faithful service during this past eight years, and I hope we’ll be rocking for many more years to come. Below is a couple of photos with me and my guitar. Thank you for reading, leave a comment if you enjoyed this story!


areku avalinity live sofie park sweden malmö


7 Responses to “8 years with my favorite guitar (B.C Rich “Mockingbird”)

  • Great story!

  • Aww… that’s such a cute story. I know I’m a sucker for these kinds, but it adds so much character to know about its history. I always liked the colour of it because it stands out in the same way as its player. As can be seen you’re a great team. Some things just feel right!

    Every flaw has its beauty and history.

    • I’m also quite a sucker for trivia, which made me write this post, haha. Oh thank you!

  • I love hearing stories about connections with one’s instruments and tools of creativity, I couldn’t help but smile to myself while reading your post Areku.Your connection with your instrument comes through clearly, it gave me the warm fuzzies, lol!

    Thanks for such a lovely read, it made me happy :) -MoMo

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